This goes hand-in-hand with #10, but if you get comfortable enough with your own… Read more ». Better I think, but it was touch and go at times whether it created a diamond or completely crushed me. That’s exactly what it felt (feels) like for me. Chiron conjunct Pluto creates an evolutionary vortex of Chirotic energy. Any insights? When transiting Chiron sextiles natal Saturn, you find it easier to draw upon self-discipline. Brainstorm: Chiron/IC Astrology Aspects. So, you should not blame the other because, in reality, they are your own subtle and unconscious messages that you are sending yourself so that you can finally recognize and receive love and understanding. Pluto/Neptune . If you have a planet conjunct Chiron, you must consider energy and emotion at all times when trying to understand that planet – it can’t get away from energetic and emotional sensitivity. With regard to your question about transiting Pluto, when Pluto was transiting 8 degrees Capricorn it was in semi-sextile aspect to your MC at 8 degrees Sagittarius. I don’t think you can think you way through some things – they have to be felt or unravelled or sat with or invoked to the surface when the mind takes a quick 3 second break lol. Yes that officially off… I’d stay away too, scorp rising. But other people in your life can be really out of alignment with your warp-speed evolution. This is a flowing aspect and may be subtle since it’s slow moving and can last for over a year. You may seek a deeper understanding of yourself and human nature. Resisting this process can cause us to externalize or project these parts of ourselves. And I find myself dealing with depth psychology in the new role which I was not expecting ! Chiron Transits to Pluto seek to disarm your defenses when it comes to what makes you feel less than strong. The Pluto transit trine to your natal Pluto is a preparation for a spiritual regeneration. Pluto Trine Pluto - Seek and meet people born on the same date as you. But with certain sorts of people, preventing their access in the first place really is better than the cure. I’ve also been told change is nigh. This event led me to this site. Thank you, thank you. I have Pluto transit all but conjunct my ascendant (at 16.06 degrees Capricorn) and it will be crossing into my first house (which is intercepted) for the first time at the end of Jan 2016. Would like to add, he has asked if we can go slow. Guess being an ‘outer planet’ sort naturally both… Read more ». Over 90 but before 3 figures appear (100) they add to 18. I’m a 18 degree Kataka. I remember when this one first hit me. Pluto supports radical physical morphs, often attained via fervent adherence to a self-supporting (as opposed to self-negating) health regime that looks “sensible” to outsiders but is actually soul-driven with existential ferocity. While Pluto transits through your ninth house, you may also get financial aid or government scholarships for higher education. This will help you to have more control over your unconscious motives that in the past came to the surface through compulsions and unconscious and irrational obsessions. A blog about astrological trends and astrology,Reiki healing and coaching services offered. Increasingly more 18s appear and, decreasingly, fewer 9s appear. This is a time for … He took me to the ocean today, and forgot to work out my sun sign. Collaborating with the Plutonic process makes even difficult changes more desirable but it super-charges beneficial transformations. I really like your explanation of the shift from Mutable to Cardinal to Fixed, in time. The Sun trine Pluto transit is also good for getting in touch with one’s self through writing in journals and having the deepest conversations with friends. Oh yes that phenomenom. Personal areas of your life, such as your inner psyche, home, family, will be affected. When Pluto transits your fifth house, it is a time of a power struggle with your children, with tense episodes because you try to put too much pressure on them to change, or they pressure you to change. The word ‘transit’ means a journey, to be going from one place to another. I think Life Itself is a fqng transit and a guru, and i am sort of acolyte of the whole lot… Read more ». Omg we ALL know that feeling, poor little green marauders. Your optimism and confidence are very high and you have enough physical energy and endurance to push your efforts through to completion. Oh, and I’m not looking forward to early 2020. ‘All will be well, all will be well, all manner of things will be well’ and ‘you can’t push the river’ (both things my mum used to say all the time), were my mantras and helped me through xxx, I’ve just realised that the last 12 years or so I’ve had Pluto constantly squaring personal planets. Yeah I was on my tab last night which is more annoying than the keys for a Mercurial typist in download mode. (Crying with laughter here, because i know in Martian time that could mean wait a delicious week or so.) <3 Timely and much appreciated. The other thing that’s possibly nudging a few things for a few folk or at least those sensitive to node nature is… Read more ». Be careful not to lose yourself in unnecessary and fanatical self-sacrifice. Then in 3rd 100, all 9s except for three 18s. Relate this to the sign that is on your first house at birth, and your Pluto sign at birth. Chiron trine Pluto is an aspect which creates an unusual sense of destiny at an early age. There must be a willingness to serve always with the conscious objective of curing yourself from egocentricity. The flakey one played the “confusion card” to try to make it my fault. We are human, but this “friend” should own up, admit the mistake (whatever it was) and apologize. Pluto is making its final exact conjunction with my 9th house Cap moon at the end of this week. Late aqua though. I’ll get back to you with ruminations on this strand. When transiting Pluto is in your first house, it is like you feel a force within that wants to control everything and everyone, which makes relationships very difficult. It is a good time for regenerative therapies, whether physical or psychological. If there’s any (subconscious) dysfunctional script running in the background of our psyche, a visit from Pluto will bring it to the surface so this can be healed. All that Saturn probably counts for longevity. Anyone else experiencing this also especially recently? I knew some serious alchemical opportunities were being dished up and I definitely seized them by the balls and have done an excellent, conscious job of evolving, refining, distilling…facing darkness and learning, learning, learning. On the other hand, Pluto gives you the opportunity to reach your life’s goals, or at least to perceive what they really are. We confront our “dark” side—those parts of us that are raw, primal, and instinctive. What you must learn to control is yourself. This period of profound psychological change, internal regeneration, self-criticism and questioning will last several years. Pluto hasn’t yet made any aspects to natal planets since it entered my 11 th House, but it will form a square to Jupiter/Saturn, a conjunction to Mars, trine to natal Chiron, a square to natal Pluto, sextiles to both Uranus and Venus, and a conjunction to natal Moon during its transit there. I am perpetually Pluto in one form or another (add a heavy 8th influence) – sooo… we phoenix on! A lot of the change occurring in these few months will be unpleasant because of I’m… Read more ». Try to deal with these hidden and unpleasant aspects of your life and your past, honestly and without guilt. When Pluto transits through your eleventh house, there will be transformation and friendship with powerful and influential people. Instagram esp is taxing on my emotions, my self-confidence, and my time. Saturn/Pluto conjunction in EACH HOUSE (Published in the December 2019 edition of the Career Astrologer – OPA) The long-anticipated Saturn/Pluto conjunction at 22°Capricorn is exact on January 12, 2020, but its influence will remain at least for the whole year, and possibly define the decades to come. Transiting NN is on mine too, transiting Mars conj Uranus in 10th check, I have Saturn and Pluto conjunct in Libra in the 8th house too (in fact I have the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury there too). I am totally overlying my own experience on your description here mille.… Read more », Yes, he is self aware. Chiron opposite Uranus is an incredibly long transit. They’d be more willing to take a closer look at themselves and others, which could help them greatly in understanding important things about people and life in general. In my case, they are rather sextiling by transit (7htH pluto and 9th H Chiron). If Pluto goes through this Neptunian experience in accordance with all other aspects, this is an excellent time for intuitive research of past lives, meditation, and to discover your clairvoyant possibilities. All in my 5th and 6th houses. The earth was moving when I lost my identity. I agree. I know this gutturally. It’s been lintense learning to find… Read more », Pluto work is slow. Uuuggghhh. NN will hit my 27° Sun v soon. Not good :/ . Does my Mars in Virgo memory serve correctly that Aqua is your 8th house w your Mars?? I found one possibility but it turned out to be a dead end and my patience for such things (read – math) wanes quickly tho 6 is reputed to have similar attributes and I think maybe because it works with the 3 – 6 – 9 thing. Free Online Astrology, Transit Chart Aspects, Meanings and Interpretations. TRANSITS is a remarkable book which features sign by sign descriptions of each of the Planets, Asteroids as well as Chiron. So grateful for this….Thank you. I am Plutonian and going through a trine to my natol Moon (loving it and making the most of it) and Pluto has been in my 5th since – I think – 2012. These provoke a personal confrontation with your internal and spiritual reality. Keep a journal, notably a dream diary. It gets raw sometimes. me too! Lucky. This native is responding to a very unusual vibration even as a small child. Oh dear, is it his birthday? Totally went into my psyche re my career and now walking away and now in 11th here I am spreading my wings into. Not good. In extreme cases, this could mean being involved in foreign wars. Transit Pluto Trine Pluto Meaning, Transit Chart Aspect, Free Astrology Interpretations. Reply. They come to the surface in destructive ways. Shit happens. Many problems from your childhood will surface now to help you understand the consequences they have had in your adult life. During this transit there is the danger of being dominated by unconscious impulses that push you in a direction where, deep down, you do not want to go. The Pluto touch can increase your ability to magnetize your desires and be mesmerizing to others. You’re able to pace yourself to avoid burning out and even though your body is stronger now, you should keep an eye on your energy level and general health. The ‘how’ component is to know your chart and see whether Pluto is aspecting any natal planets and probably focus more on the major aspects eg conjunct, opposition, square or trine initially. As if you’ve been drinking – which should be an apt metaphor as social media has been discovered to be seriously addictive. During the Jupiter trine Pluto transit, those who are waiting to have dreams come true have greater chances than usual. Ah ok 5th – so yes let’s say playful, inclusive and magical creator for starters…, Thank you for a wonderful post Mystic……x, I have my moon in Scorpio conjunct Saturn and Pluto at my midheaven, so my whole life is Plutonic, but I’ve had Pluto going through my first house for nearly 8 years and that is another thing. Adherence to them is not compulsory, of course, but it helps. Think about it: a normal transit (let’s say, Sun square Venus) lasts for a few days only. She won’t admit she read the time wrong and went into a tirade at the theatre management screaming until he refunded her money. I also deactivated all social media (save Goodreads, for legit reasons I won’t go into here) during my first Saturn return (which is still very much going on)! Transit Pluto Trine Pluto The cycle you’re entering will happen to everyone born in your generation in their early 50’s. Pluto transiting your tenth house awakens your ambition towards success and self-realization, and also the desire to control and dominate. My “friend” flaked an hour before we were to meet. One of the key words for this time is self-sufficiency, since it is about ensuring a new foundation for life, while going with the flow and being open to changes that occur.